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We secure strategic partnerships through community outreach. Working with top-tier media and key influencers, we tactically connect our clients for proper brand alignment. We pride ourselves in keeping people plugged in. We take a dynamic approach towards making a connection. Whether it’s through our personal relationships or new clients, we ensure audience engagement and execution of vision. We want to ENSURE that we unlock the utmost potential of each brand. We connect our clients with top consumers, key influencers, local and national media, businesses and vendors; connecting is in our DNA. We value our clients who are the driving force behind what we do every day.

We are a full-service agency, guiding our clients from event inception to execution. With extreme attention to detail, we oversee it all – project management, site selection, all vendor bookings, day of logistics. What we can do – charity events, grand openings, corporate functions, product launches, media previews, fashion and style shows and private parties. We work with relevant media outlets to secure partnerships. We write press releases and provide thorough pre-event and post-event details for coverage consideration.

We work with each client to ensure we have a firm grasp on the vision for his/her ideal look on social media. We carefully curate content that best incorporates the voice of brand. We create, pitch and execute calendars for each platform, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Utilizing a combination of organic, original and paid content, we connect and engage clients with targeted audiences through geo-fencing and strategic contests to build the fan/followers base and curate social data.

As a spokesperson for our clients and their brand voice, we strive to carefully connect them with the best possible audience. We target hyper-local businesses and relevant developments to create optimal alignment. Through in-store activations, local pop-ups, strategic partnerships and brand collaborations, our goal is to uncover all potential outlets in order to engage maximum awareness.

Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we ensure your brand is found in relevant searches organically. The goal is high on the 1st page of Google for maximum visibility. Additionally, we focus on the accuracy of the information that is being found. It's never too soon to start optimizing your business so that you are not only found online but found higher in the search listings and just as importantly found for the right reasons. Not only would we systematically clean up all of the inaccurate information being found for your business, but would also submit the accurate information to a number of other relevant directories.

Let us help bring your vision to life. Meet with our in-house team of experts who will storyboard a cohesive look to best represent your brand. This is your company and your dream - we will carefully curate your site to accurately reflect your voice.

We all know that life can throw a curveball from time to time. We offer the key tools to help you face the unexpected head on and help craft solutions towards formulating the proper response. We can assure that, whatever the unforeseen dilemma is at hand, we will help find the best next steps for moving forward.

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